Providing the right interpreters for your event


A great deal of time and expense goes into corporate events, so it’s essential that your chosen interpreter is professional, reliable, trustworthy and qualified to a very high level (usually a university degree).

As an experienced consultant interpreter of many years’ standing, I can take on the responsibility of hiring qualified colleagues on your behalf. The advantages for you, as my client, are as follows: 
  • You are assured that the right person with the appropriate background knowledge and qualifications is chosen to interpret at your event as I know most of my colleagues personally and have already worked with many of them as part of a team.
  • The fact that I have regular contact with many professional colleagues is most important as any interpreters chosen on your behalf should, as early as possible, be involved in the planning and preparation of a multi-lingual event and the number of available trained and qualified interpreters at any time is limited.
  • The field of interpreting is an unregulated profession and I will ensure that somebody who just happens to speak a particular language to an everyday level, but without having the necessary training or skills, cannot unwittingly be chosen for such important events.


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