I am able to undertake any written translation work you have that is related to your corporate event. This is any documentation that needs to be translated into a specific language or languages for distribution to participants of the event.

Examples of such documentation are agendas, company profiles, technical presentations, profiles of the speakers and minutes of meetings.
Key points regarding this service are:
  • Speed – all essential documentation is delivered efficiently on time and documents are handled in the strictest of confidence
  • Accuracy – translations are true to the original meaning. Each word and sentence is checked, revised and proof-read before the finished product is then delivered, ready to use by you
  • High quality – all translations are carried out only by experienced and devoted professionals, qualified in their chosen language
  • Uniformity – If the interpretation as well as the translations are both organised by me, you can rest assured that there will be uniform use of technical terms and company-specific terminology which you and your guests are used to and feel comfortable with
Examples of Translation Assignments:

Legal translations:

  • shareholder agreements
  • invitations to shareholder meetings
  • brokerage agreements
  • licensing agreements
  • employment contracts
  • purchasing agreements
  • management agreements
  • agreements on the formation of a company
  • mergers
  • employee participation programmes
  • patent specifications
  • trade register excerpts/certificates of registration of a company
  • terms & Conditions
  • court rulings
  • international Arbitration

Marketing and market research translations:

  • components for webpages
  • press releases
  • interview guides for market research
  • gift cards

Medical and pharmaceutical translations:
  • medical devices (product brochures)
  • PSA, DBS
  • homeopathic and anthroposophical
  • medicinal products
  • patient records
  • clinical trials
  • questionnaires for portfolio optimization (doctors, nurses and patients)

  • translation of a booklet about the family history of a CEO
  • translation of a manuscript about explorers and conquistadors
  • company brochures
  • e-commerce websites
  • CVs


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